Doggie Day Care

Everything for your pet’s happiness and your peace of mind!


Fur Seasons Resort’s doggy day care at Palm City provides an expansive outdoor and indoor facility for your dogs’ perfect day out. At Fur Seasons Resort we believe that socialization of your pets with other pets is an important aspect. We keep your four legged child happy the entire day and by the end of the day you will be taking back a tired and smiling dog.

Throughout the entire Palm City, Stuart, our Doggie Day Care is known for the friendly behavior of our staff member with all the guests we have over.

We have an extensive area dedicated for the fun activities of the pets both indoors and outdoors which include a swimming pool and relaxing playrooms where they can even enjoy some music. The saltwater swimming pool starts at 3” and goes up to 38” deep. It is comfortable for all our furry guests to stand in but at the same time also deep enough for an experienced swimmer or diver. Our doggy day care organizes fun activities throughout the day but we also make sure to provide the opportunity for a mid-day rest.

The playgroups we organize are according to the size of the animals, their play style or the temperament. We let the senior and junior dogs play in separate groups while we also ensure that the number of playmates do not exceed a particular number.

Each of the pooches is special to us. More often we come across dogs in our Doggie Day Care who prefer one-on-one special human attention. Keeping in mind of such special attention we always have a Staff member to take care of them. For a dog to be accepted in our Palm City Doggy Care it has to go through a temperament test and only after that it is accepted into the Day care. The participants must also be neutered if they are more than 7 months old.


$ 32/DAY



$ 145/5 DAYS


$ 480/20 DAYS