The Fur Seasons Web Cams

Watch your dog on our live web cams. Just click on the scene you'd like to view.

See the Playful Poochies (small dogs) here.

Watch the Flashy Fidos (larger dogs) here.

See the dogs play in Pawsome Playground here.

Watch the fun in the Cool Pool here.

Please remember while you watch...

Web Cams. The Fur Seasons is surrounded by over an acre of fenced outside play areas: there are 4 grass yards and 6 smaller “turn-out” yards. There are several groups of dogs playing at the same time, but there is a web cam only over “Central Bark” and there is a web cam only over the "Pawsome Playground" and the "Cool Pool". Your dog may be playing in an area that does not have a camera.

Playtime.Playtime starts as early as 9 AM and can go as late as 6 PM. The web cams are generally on from 10 AM until Noon and again from 2 PM until 5 PM. In the early morning and at mid-day, the dogs are eating and resting in their rooms while the staff is cleaning and having their shift-change meeting.

Napping.You may see your dog sleeping or resting. They typically nap at home and they’ll nap here as well. Play happens in cycles, so they may all be playing or they might all be resting.

Time-Out.Your dog may be having a “time-out,” which is not necessarily a bad thing. Your dog might be nervous or shy and need some time alone. Your dog may want to nap while others want to play. Perhaps your dog gets a bit too energetic for others in the group and needs a few minutes of calm-down time. Even the best-behaved dog might have a time out, so don’t worry about it.

Romance.We do have some “Romantic Romeos.” Some dogs like to hump – males and females, too – and we do discipline it. This is part of their normal behavior – part of the play ritual or establishing dominance, but we stop it as soon as we see it.


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